5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Park Home As A Weekend Retreat 

Weekends away have always been popular and lots of people like to make the most of the days they have off of work. Even once they have retired, many will still enjoy having a long weekend away somewhere and taking a break from their normal daily routine. Even a short weekend getaway can be a […]

Luxury Lodges: The Perfect Alternative To Bungalows 

It isn’t uncommon for people to sell their family home and downsize once they have retired, and bungalows are a very popular type of property amongst retirees who are looking for a future-fit house. The accessibility of these single-story properties makes them ideal for seniors who are searching for somewhere to live during retirement and […]

Choosing The Best Campsite For Your Next Holiday 

Camping, whether this is in a touring caravan, a motor home or a tent, is a really popular hobby here in the UK. Couples, families and friends alike enjoy having a break from their busy lives and there is no better place to escape to than the great British countryside.    As camping becomes more […]

Why Essex Is A Brilliant Location For A Holiday Lodge

There are so many advantages to having your own holiday lodge and there is no denying that a home away from home is a brilliant investment. Of course, there are lots of things to consider when you’re purchasing a lodge though and arguably one of the most important is location. After all, where your luxury […]

Reasons Why You Should Work With Care Captains

If you are unhappy with your current care provider and want help searching for a new one or if you are looking to find care for the first time then Care Captains can help.  At Care Captains, we have a strong reputation for providing an exceptional service and we can assist clients with finding the […]

Important Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Luxury Lodge 

There are so many benefits to owning a holiday lodge and having a home away from home provides you with the opportunity to spend your spare time in a beautiful destination. A luxury lodge is a brilliant investment for many reasons, including the positive impact it has on your quality of life, and owning a […]

Why More And More People Are Purchasing Holiday Lodges 

It isn’t uncommon for people who have owned a touring caravan or motorhome for many years to want to upgrade to a holiday lodge. Whilst having a lodge prevents you from being able to travel to different holiday parks like you can with other leisure vehicles, there are so many benefits to owning your very […]

What To Look For In A Touring Park 

When you own a touring caravan, it is likely that you will travel all over the UK, sometimes even further afield to explore new areas. There is no denying that staying in a caravan is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get to see and experience new things, and you can go on […]

The Compelling Benefits Of Buying A Lodge When You Retire

Lots of families have enjoyed multiple holidays in lodges over the years and holiday parks have been a very popular place to stay for decades now. It isn’t uncommon for people to dream of owning their own holiday lodge one day too and it goes without saying that when you retire is the perfect time […]

Why Seasonal Pitches Are So Popular 

Whether you own a touring caravan or a motorhome, it is likely that you will be starting to think about your summer holidays for next year. With staycations continuing to soar in popularity, lots of people are planning ahead to ensure that they’re able to visit the places they want to in 2022 and it […]