It isn’t uncommon for people to sell their family home and downsize once they have retired, and bungalows are a very popular type of property amongst retirees who are looking for a future-fit house. The accessibility of these single-story properties makes them ideal for seniors who are searching for somewhere to live during retirement and it’s no surprise they are so sought-after.


Bungalows aren’t the only option available for people who are trying to find somewhere new to live after downsizing their homes though and leisure lodges are a brilliant alternative to consider. These spacious and luxurious lodges are more than just holiday homes and they are an ideal main residence for anyone who is looking for a single-story property. If you’ve never considered purchasing a lodge before, keep reading to find out more about this excellent alternative to a bungalow. 


What are luxury lodges?


Lodges have changed a lot over the years and nowadays they are more like traditional brick and mortar properties than classic static caravans. Luxury lodges are fully furnished and fully equipped with everything you need, and the interior design is contemporary and comfortable. Contrary to common assumptions, leisure lodges are actually very spacious inside too and they have standard sized furniture, fixtures and fittings, so you won’t have to compromise in this regard when you choose a lodge over a bungalow. 


When you purchase a luxury lodge, it will be made for you and transported, sited and connected to a holiday park, like Colchester Country Park. You will then be able to stay in the lodge as frequently as you like and leisure home living has never been more popular than it is today. 


Why are lodges a good alternative to bungalows?


There are several reasons why luxury lodges are an excellent alternative to bungalows for retirees who are wanting to downsize their home, including;  


More affordable 


Bungalows are often more expensive than other types of properties and they can be a considerable investment for anyone. However, luxury lodges cost a fraction of the price of bungalows and they are much more affordable up-front. As mentioned above, they are fully furnished too, preventing any additional costs for furniture and other essentials. 


You can also expect living in a luxury lodge to cost you less than living in a bungalow. Whilst you will have to pay site fees, you won’t have to pay council tax and it is likely that your gas and electricity bills will be less for this type of property too. Having lower monthly expenses will give you more money to enjoy your retirement with. 


Community of like-minded people


Colchester Country Park is mainly occupied by the over 50’s and all of the luxury lodges on-site are privately owned. So, when you move into a leisure lodge, you will be joining a peaceful community of people at a similar stage of life and many love the village lifestyle that this type of property provides. Leisure home living is future proof living at the highest degree and it can open your eyes to a new vision of a carefree life. 


Beautiful locations


When you purchase a luxury lodge instead of a bungalow, you can spend your days surrounded by nature in your own haven of peace and tranquillity. Holiday parks are known for being well-located and whilst Colchester Country Park is away from the hustle and bustle of the town, it is still only a few minutes drive from everything you’re likely to need. Not to mention, there is lots to see and do nearby, enabling you to make the most of your retirement. 


Purchasing a leisure lodge


If you were looking for bungalows for sale in Colchester, but you think a luxury lodge may be a better option for you, be sure to explore the Colchester Country Park website today. We have a brilliant range of luxury lodges to choose from and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the lodges on our holiday park. Colchester Country Park really is the perfect place to spend your time once you have retired and we will always endeavour to make your visit as comfortable and memorable as possible. To find out more about our holiday park and the leisure lodges we have available to purchase, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, we will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need.