Camping, whether this is in a touring caravan, a motor home or a tent, is a really popular hobby here in the UK. Couples, families and friends alike enjoy having a break from their busy lives and there is no better place to escape to than the great British countryside. 


As camping becomes more and more popular, there are campsites popping up all over the country and when it comes to booking a pitch for your next holiday, the choice can be quite overwhelming. There are a number of different factors to consider when choosing a campsite, from the type of trip you want to the distance you’re willing to travel, and it’s likely that your needs and preferences will change every time you book a holiday. To help anyone who is struggling to choose the best campsite for their next holiday, below are some useful tips. 

Visit somewhere you’ve never been before 


It might be tempting to stay close to home or revisit somewhere you’ve enjoyed in the past, but one of the best things about booking campsites is that they put you in the perfect position to explore a new area. Choosing to visit somewhere you’ve never been before is always a great choice for your upcoming holiday and there are so many incredible places in the UK. When you opt for a destination you’ve never been to before, you definitely won’t get bored during your trip and you will have lots of exploring to do. 


Choose a campsite near to lots of local attractions


Some campsites are situated in the middle of nowhere, so to speak, and whilst being able to immerse yourself in nature is a big benefit of camping, it’s still useful to have things nearby to see and do. When you’re choosing the best campsite for your next holiday, look for somewhere that is in close proximity to lots of brilliant local attractions. If you don’t plan on spending your whole holiday relaxing on the campsite, having attractions nearby will prevent you from having to spend hours in the car every day.


Book a pitch that is spacious 


You will find that the size of touring pitches differs quite considerably from one campsite to another and you don’t want to be squeezed onto a small pitch whilst you’re on holiday. Whether you prefer a grass pitch or a hardstanding pitch, ideally it should be big enough to accommodate all of your camping essentials and you should be able to put up an awning or canopy if you want to. Having enough space to enjoy the great outdoors is crucial to a good holiday.


Opt for a campsite with useful amenities


Having a selection of amenities on-site is always beneficial, especially when you’re planning a longer holiday, and choosing a campsite that offers everything you’re likely to need is always worthwhile. From toilet and shower blocks to laundry facilities and dishwashing sinks, these amenities can make your camping experience more convenient and comfortable. Of course, having fun amenities, like children’s play areas, are useful as well and they will help to ensure the whole family has a good time on-site. 


Find a destination with country walks 


As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of camping is being immersed in nature and being able to enjoy the fresh air makes this type of holiday so much fun. When you’re choosing a campsite for your next holiday, finding somewhere with a number of public footpaths and country lanes is ideal. This means you will be able to enjoy lots of walks in the countryside during your stay. Having the option to start your walks from the campsite is really useful too and again, it will prevent you from having to drive. 

Searching for the best campsites in Essex?


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