If you are unhappy with your current care provider and want help searching for a new one or if you are looking to find care for the first time then Care Captains can help.  At Care Captains, we have a strong reputation for providing an exceptional service and we can assist clients with finding the most suitable care, at the right time, from a reputable provider and in accordance with their personal care budget. 


But why should you choose Care Captains?


Trustworthy, professional broker service 


The first and foremost reason to work with Care Captains is that our team cares deeply about all of our clients, providing a dedicated service for every individual, no matter the specific demands or requirements. At Care Captains, we are thorough and meticulous, and we will work with you closely to properly understand your care needs, the type and level of care required and the price you’re able to pay, what services you’re interested in and much more. 


In addition to this, we provide first-rate support to clients. For instance, if an emergency arises, we can work quickly to find a care provider at short notice. Our communication is quick and clear every time that we deal with a service user, making the overall experience as smooth and streamlined as possible.


A highly experienced team


Another major reason why you should come to Care Captains is the abundance of experience that our team has. Care Captains was founded by Dan O’Donoghue, who has almost two decades of experience working as Managing Director at one of the biggest homecare providers in the UK. 


As such, there is a top-to-bottom understanding of what good quality care looks like across the Care Captains team. Having this background in the care industry means that our staff have extensive knowledge in social care, and numerous contacts and relationships with providers, which have been developed over several years. 


Excellent testimonials from past clients


Another indicator of a good home care package broker is the reviews that they receive. Here at Care Captains, we’ve received a myriad of outstanding testimonials and lots of positive feedback from our clients, and we’re highly recommended by many people we’ve worked with. 


Our team is widely recognised for providing impeccable service; we guarantee affordability, responsiveness, and comprehensive support at every stage when it comes to planning home care. 


Searching for home care?


If you’d like assistance finding the right provider when it comes to home care, then Care Captains is the company to turn to. We can support you with identifying the optimum care provider for your individual requirements, making sure that you obtain the best outcome possible. Not only this, but we’ll aim to negotiate the lowest and most competitive price too, so your home care services are both affordable and great value for money. 

To have a consultation with one of our experts, please contact us by calling today on 0345 340 5065. You can also email us at info@carecaptains.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Whatever your care needs, long or short term, the Care Captains team is here to provide you with a first-class care broker service.