There are so many benefits to owning a holiday lodge and having a home away from home provides you with the opportunity to spend your spare time in a beautiful destination. A luxury lodge is a brilliant investment for many reasons, including the positive impact it has on your quality of life, and owning a lodge can fill your days with fun and excitement. 


As leisure lodge ownership becomes increasingly popular, more and more country parks are offering luxury lodges alongside their standard touring pitches. With so much choice, it can be difficult to choose a lodge and it goes without saying that you will want to ensure that you’re making the right decision in this regard. To help you do so, below are some really important questions to ask when you’re purchasing a luxury lodge. 


How frequently can we use the holiday lodge?


Not all country parks are open 365 days a year and if you’d like to be able to use your holiday lodge all year round, it is essential to purchase one on a park that doesn’t close during the off-peak season. It is important to note that holiday parks have different licences too and you will need to double-check how much time you’re allowed to spend residing in your lodge every year. If you’re keen to use your luxury lodge as much as possible, always ask this question. 


Are we allowed to have visitors stay with us?


When they own a holiday lodge, so many people enjoy entertaining their family and friends here, and it is brilliant to be able to share this space with your loved ones. However, not all holiday parks will have the same rules when it comes to guests. You will need to find out whether you’re allowed to have visitors stay with you in your lodge and if you are, whether there are any additional costs associated with having guests on-site. 

What are the ongoing costs of luxury lodge ownership?


Generally speaking, there will be a few ongoing costs to take into consideration when you own a luxury lodge. You will often have to pay site fees and these can differ quite considerably depending on the country park your lodge is located on. You may even find that the site fees are different depending on which lodge you purchase as well. Other common fees to enquire about are; water fees, gas fees and electric fees, and these can be charged in different ways.  


Will we have to furnish the lodge?


More often than not, unlike other holiday homes, leisure lodges will be fully furnished when you purchase them. Therefore, it is important to ensure you like the look and feel of a luxury lodge. You may have the option to revamp your lodge’s interior design, if this is something that you’re interested in doing to make the space more your taste, but it’s always worth asking where you stand in this regard. 


Does the leisure lodge come with a warranty?


When you’re making a big investment, having a warranty can provide peace of mind and it is incredibly beneficial to be provided with at least a year’s warranty when you’re purchasing a luxury lodge. Not all country parks will offer the same length of warranty and again, the warranty can differ from one lodge to another, so make sure you take the time to enquire about the warranty for the particular holiday lodge you’re interested in. 


Finding lodges for sale in Essex


All in all, when you ask all of the questions above, you will be able to purchase a luxury lodge in confidence knowing that no important details have been overlooked. Don’t be afraid to discuss the ins and outs of lodge ownership with a specialist before making your final decision. If you’re trying to find luxury lodges for sale in Essex, be sure to explore the rest of the Colchester Country Park website today. 


At Colchester Country Park, we have a brilliant selection of leisure lodges to choose from and we will gladly take the time to discuss them with you in more detail. Our beautiful country park is the ideal place for a holiday lodge too and it’s equally well suited to couples and families. Located in Britain’s oldest recorded town, Colchester Country Park is in close proximity to the historic Town Centre and you will never be bored when visiting your new luxury lodge.